Long Blond Hair
Rock Rock
Honey Let's Go
Your Love
I'm Walkin'
Treat Me Right
Mean Mistreater
With Your Love, With Your Kiss
Be Mine All Mine
Me And My Rhythm Guitar
Waitin? For You
Oh So Far Away
Kiss-A-Me Baby
Falling Star
The Bigger They Are
Please Return My Love
Someone's Gonna Hurt You
Mama Rock
Indeed I Do
Waitin' For You
Don't Go Away
Don't Lie To Me
Waiting For You
Won't You Please, Pretty Baby
But Now That It's Over
I Believe She Loves Me Too
I Need Your Lovin' Baby
I Got A Girl Who Knows How To Live
Everybody Says That I'm A Lucky Guy
Well I Got Troubles
I'll Take That Chance
Tell Me That You Care
Indeed I Do

New Spark For An Old Flame
Mama Rock
Your Cheatin' Heart
Waitin' For You
Endless Love
My Love, My Life
I Was There When It Happened
Good Gracious Me
Ring, Damn You, Ring
Long Blond Hair
Thought I Heard Something
My And My Rhythm Guitar
Till Honky Gets Tonky Again
I Haven't Learned My Lesson Yet
Anything You Say
Doo-Wop Shang-A-Lang
Three Little Words
Ooooh Give It To Me Baby
Everybody's Got A Dream
Just One Kiss
I'll Come Back To You